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School Tours FAQ

  • Can the children bring a packed lunch?

    Yes the children can bring their own packed lunch on a school tour at Loughwell Farm Park or they can choose to eat a hot meal here at the farm/ A hot meal of chips, sausages, chicken nuggets an da drink costs an extra 3.95 euros per child.

  • Do You Have a Shop?

    Yes, but it is optional, and at the discretion of the teacher.

  • How Do I Book?

    Complete the booking form opposite or call 091 868631 if you would like more information.

  • How long does a school tour at Loughwell Farm Park last?

    We will work around your available time, we recommend at least 2.5 to 3 hours for a school tour but you are more than welcome to stay longer if you would like. Most school tours start with arrival at the farm at 10.00 am but we can open earlier for you, whatever your needs are. An individual schedule is designed for each school tour depending on your requirements such as arrival time, departure time, number of eating breaks required, age profile of the students. Having a well thought out schedule ensures that the children will get the opportunity to meet the animals and experience as many or all of the play facilities as possible within your available timeframe.

  • How many school tour children can you cater for at Loughwell Farm Park?

    Loughwell Farm Park is a large facility with over 12000 square feet of indoor facilities and acres of outdoor fun. We can cater for many children. Larger groups may be divided into smaller groups e.g. if you bring a group of 58 kids to the farm these will be divided into two smaller groups to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy all of the facilities equally.

  • How much does a school tour cost?

    National school tours at Loughwell Farm Park cost €12.00  per child ( when child brings own lunch) or €15.95 per child inclusive of all the facilities and a a hot meal of chips, sausages, nuggets and a drink. You only pay for the number that come on the day. You can pay on the day by cheque, debit card or cash and we will give you a receipt for same. There is no charge for teachers or carers.

    Preschool tours cost €12.00 euros per child (if bringing own lunch) or €14.95 per child if we provide the hot meal and drink for the child.

  • What age should the students be to enjoy a school tour at Loughwell Farm Park?

    Loughwell Farm Park is a fantastic and fun school tour venue for all primary school children and we have had successful school tours for junior Infants right up to sixth class pupils. All school tours will be designed for the age profile of the children in that school tour.

  • What happens on a school tour at Loughwell Farm Park?

    On arrival, each school tour group will be given a supervisor who will stay with that group for the whole duration of the school tour and will ensure that you all have a great time. The supervisor will give all the children a brief safety message on arrival so that all the children know the importance of following the rules at Loughwell Farm Park to keep them safe on the farm. Your supervisor will guide the children and teachers through the various fun activities for the duration of the school tour.

  • What if it is raining?

    Loughwell Farm Park is a fun filled, fantastic school tour venue whatever the weather as we have over 1200 square feet of indoor activity. In addition we have a very large timber covered sand pit to protect from rain or excessive sun.

  • When do we need to book?

    We operate on a first come first served basis, so to avoid disappointment, please book early.

  • Where can the children store their bags, coats etc?

    On arrival each school tour group will be given a seating area which belongs to that group for as long as you are on the farm . All coats, lunch boxes etc can be safely left in this area. The reason we design schedules for each group is to ensure that children are not waiting for other groups to finish using particular facilities. Each group will be assigned to a particular area for a particular length of time e.g. 30 minutes in the barnyard theatre enjoying the large indoor construction zone, having fun with the indoor skittle lanes and racing each other on the didi car track. For this time. Your group will be the only ones in this particular activity area.

  • Will the children get to meet and learn something about the animals.

    Yes each school tour group at Loughwell Farm Park will be given an animal tour in either Irish or English, whichever you choose. During the animal tour, the tour leader will let the children meet our animals and learn some facts about the animals. Each group will have some experiential learning such as bottlefeeding the lambs, cuddling the rabbits or feeding the goats.

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