Just 17.7km from Galway City (Map), a 20min Drive!
Indoor Playgrounds + Outdoor Playgrounds + a Pet Farm

Terms & Conditions

Please understand and accept that once purchased these tickets are non refundable. Please understand  and accept that the Rules of Play  which are clearly displayed throughout  Loughwell Farm must be adhered to for the safety of children and adults. Please understand that Children MUST BE SUPERVISED by a parent or guardian AT ALL TIMES while at Loughwell Farm Park to ensure the children under their care abide by the rules (CLEARLY DISPLAYED) while using any of the indoor or outdoor activities, in particular as accidents while playing are unavoidable. Please note – Our staff are here to help with any concerns you may have, but cannot take responsibility for any children playing. Parents are permitted to take photographs of their own children only.

Please note that Loughwell Farm Park will close at 3.30 in Sunday 23rd December.

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